Role of the Hypothalamus gland in HCG diet

The hypothalamus plays a major role in HCG diet, as the gland controls the main metabolism and the fat metabolism of the body. The gland located at the bottom of the brain stem, is a very important gland of the body, as it pairs up with the pituitary gland in controlling the body metabolism and the central nervous system. Initially HCG is secreted by the placenta in the bodies of pregnant women.

Role of hypothalamus in pregnancy

When women get pregnant then the placenta in their body secretes this hormone. Then the hypothalamus gland functions to control and monitor the metabolism of the women’s body and the fetus inside the womb through the pregnancy. This same role is played by the gland in an adult body, when it comes under the effect of the HCG hormone shots, otherwise specified as the HCG diet. In this case, the HCG hormone injected in the body through the shots or the pills, affect the body’s metabolism highly. The hypothalamus plays a major and pivotal role here.

Role of hypothalamus in HCG diet

When the body gets HCG shots, then the hypothalamus gets signals from the hormone to increase the body’s metabolism. This results in the gland locating the store houses of fat within the body. This makes the gland super active, and then it makes the fat come out of the stores in the body, and gets digested. In short the hypothalamus helps in fat metabolism in the body under the HCG effect.

How the hypothalamus works under HCG diet

Normally in HCG diet, an adult is recommended to take just 500 calories per day. This results in dual action. At one side, when the body gets lesser calories from oral intake, then the blood sugar diminishes. On the other hand, when the hypothalamus gets triggered by the HCG hormone, it’s activity in fat metabolism, and overall metabolism control increases. Joining both these together, the gland gets super active, and plays the role of metabolizingmore and more fat from the body, from the fat mass, and not the muscle mass. Ac a result, the body gets a lot of energy and calories in it’s blood stream from the total calories taken orally, and the calories released in blood from fat metabolism. This makes the fat stored in the body graduallybreak down without any exercise or workout, and also at a fast rate. More details at

As a result the person in HCG diet loses approximately 1 to 2 lbs of weight per day, which is a very satisfactory rate to turn from obese to slim for anyone. Hence, the hypothalamus has got a major role to play in the HCG diet, and without the function of this gland, the HCG shots will never work in the body. The entire system of controlling the amount of exactly required blood sugar for the proper working of the body, so that the person doesn’t have more or less of blood sugar is taken care of by this gland.