Fiction Book Reviews: – Skin Game by Jim Butcher

Here we discourses about mainly review of Skin Game by Jim Butcher. For anyone curious, Jim Butcher interprets the first four chapters of this book and a big shot made a transcript. How child who cannot wait for Christmas gifts and opens a day earlier after putting the house upside down. A month later, after having read to satiate my curiosity, exactly as GRRM should eat chocolate; I got the audio book, because I like to hear the singing and reading styles of the actors. And holy shit the rest of the book is amazing.

It is full of short stories and science fiction, and fantasy, where obviously the highlight is the story of 200 years before A Game of Thrones begins. My second favorite story was that of Jim Butcher, which made me quite interested in the Harry Dresden. And the rest are really pearls: a bounty hunter out of the ordinary. A mother accused of the unthinkable, a squadron of Russian pilots in the Second World War, a young princess a fugitive. By around see one of my favorite movies, the Great Groundhog Day, with Bill Murray genius.

All saw that movie. What about if I recommend all is lost, a brutal film with Robert Redford survival adrift in his boat. He was rumored to very best actor and rightly so, but in the end it went unnoticed. I later learned that was produced by Michael Bay, and a half I felt dirty, but hey I ‘m forgiving lately things fed to the director of The Rock, so we’ll see what’s up putting the second chapter. It is difficult to do this review, a mythical novel that gave life to a legendary film yet. The first volume of Proust’s magnum opus took thirty years in circulation and Faulkner and had published part of the bulk of novels that revolutionized literature and art of the twentieth century. And the only novel he read in his life the beautiful Ava Gardner. By this I mean that, like the knights of the south, the novel gave me the feeling of being out of time and miss the past.

Gone with the Wind is a novel that has its roots in nineteenth-century literature and melodrama, and melodrama in the serial novel in novels with plot, where things happen, linear structure and full of surprises, twists and emotion to catch the reader. An excellent bestseller -minded folk literature. And this close to Margaret Mitchell goes well since Gone with the Wind remains a terribly popular story. And besides, it’s a good and entertaining novel, a historical romantic drama unleashed bordering the melodrama that perfectly fulfills its mission to entertain and keep the reader in suspense throughout their reading. And if this is achieved thanks to a more powerful story or a great style, his two main characters, Scarlett O’Hara and wrapped by a lot of well written and profiles that support frame supporting characters and actors. Not that these characters are wonders of creation, but his role is so well defined and so well explained that become real to the reader.